Current Training Opportunities

Current Funding Opportunities:

Commissioned through the Higher Education England (HEE), there are funding opportunities that the training hub oversee to help the workforce across our PCNs and practices. Below are the current funding opportunities that may be of interest to you. Please get in touch if your PCN or practice would like further information or if you need assistance with opportunities that are not listed below.

GP & GPN New to Practice Fellowships

Physician Associates


Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Requests for any training or education, please email or

Nurse Preceptorship /Associates


Workforce Planning Support


Additional Training Hub Support

Your Training Hub can also support with:

enables practitioners to manage full episodes of patient care, while working within their scope of professional practice. Funding is available to those interested in becoming an NMP and we can offer up to £1,500 for tuition fees. This funding has been made available by Health Education England.

we hope to secure additional funding to support training requirements for PCNs and practices.

Support for some newly appointed roles in PCNs to help with clinical education requirements and retention of this workforce.

Opening new learning environments to support all types of students.

Coaching and mentorship training; supervision training to support all types of students.

Support to source suitable apprenticeship and access levy funding to cover 100% of associated training costs.


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